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How did they feel?
Interview with the former Kaiten pilots
From Newsletter "Tokko (Special Attack)"(May 1999)
Interviewee: Toshiharu Konada (Chief of the Squad II of Kaiten Mission at Hachijo-jima Island Base, a graduate of the 72nd Naval Academy)
Harumi Kawasaki (The 23rd Squad at Suzaki, Kochi, a graduate of the 13th Youth Flying Corp)
Interviewer: Lieutenant Commander Hiroshi Isobe (Maritime Self-Defense Force, Headquarters, Yokosuka)
Lieutenant Kazuo Ishimoto (Maritime Self-Defense Force, Headquarters, Yokosuka)

*How to recruit Kaiten pilots*
Isobe: During the war, you were all determined to protect the country. Under such circumstances, I think many applied for the Kaiten mission. Here, I would like to ask about the guideline for recruiting Kaiten pilots. How were Kaiten pilots selected?
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